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Case Study -

Innovative Sleeper Lifter and Placement Attachment for Excavator - Fast - Safe - Efficient

The client had observed that the laying of concrete railway sleepers was both inefficient and dangerous work for the crane operator and the workers involved in guiding the sleeper to the track for correct placement. The process required significant lifting and constant realignment by hand of sleepers when placed by a crane. The client reasoned that there had to be a better and indeed safer way.


The Brief from the Client

To establish from a basic idea an attachment that;

Had to be capable of being fitted to an excavator

Spaced sleepers to correct dimensions

Would allow sleepers to be attached manually from stock piles

Was faster and more efficient than current system


Engineering Imperatives in Simple Terms
Process and Methodology

Develop concept design for approval by client

Carry out detail design after approval of concept design to relevant Australian standards  

Produce workshop drawings

Witness load testing of completed unit and issue certificate of compliance

The attachment has provided years of reliable and profitable work for the client. It has broadened the scope of his capacity to provide a wider range of services thus making his machinery more cost effective.




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