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Case Study -

Second Hand Imported 633 Road Scraper Entry and Exit made Australian Compliant

A second hand Cat scraper was commissioned to undertake work in the Bowen basin. The entry and exit method for the operator was a wire ladder that had a tendency to “swing” the operator under the machine on use. This situation was not acceptable to Australian OH&S authorities. Until such time as a suitable design could be found that met all safety requirements, entry and exit to the machine was via the back of a utility.


The Brief from the Client

To establish a design that made operator entry and exit from the scraper safe.  The installed equipment had to be robust enough to withstand the rigours of the hostile environments the machine operated within.

To provide better transportation efficiencies

Cut preparation time to and from the site


Engineering Imperatives in Simple Terms
Process & Methodology

Consult with the client about scope of work to be undertaken

Fully familiarise all stakeholders of the OH&S requirements

Understand fully the wants and needs of the operators who would use the access system

Complete a basic design layout to ensure that all requirements of the machinery access are met and indeed are feasible

Create an FEA model of the steps, support posts, and bi-fold handrails to allow correct sizing of all structural members in the design

Produce fully detailed workshop drawings for manufacturing

The designs are now with the client and the equipment is fully operational





633 Road Scraper
                    633 Road Scraper

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