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Case Study -

Mobile Crane Transporter - road ready set up time slashed from hours to less than minutes

A crane supply company had a self propelled tracked unit that was transported on to the back of a low loader. Preparing the crane for delivery to the site took many hours and a significant amount of planning the routes to accommodate bridges and power lines. The company approached Walsh Engineering Solutions to design a feasible concept to mitigate the above problems.   

Walsh Engineering Services - Mobile Crane Transporter

The Brief from the Client

To establish and then (if proven feasible) design a system that made the crane an integral part of the chassis of the trailer. This would lower the crane -

To provide better transportation efficiencies.

Cut preparation time to and from the site.


Engineering Imperatives in Simple Terms

In effect “cut the transportation trailer into two parts and imbed in the middle the crane, making it an integral part of the transportation chassis.”

In addition integrate into the design hydraulic locking pins that had been designed by the crane owner.


Process and Methodology

Fully evaluate the integrity and capacities of the client supplied locking pins by designing them into an   overall model to evaluate their integrity and capacity to meet the loads and associated rigours of use. 

Identify high stress areas with particular emphasis on the steel members in the chassis.

Design simple coupling and uncoupling systems that were simple to operate, withstood the rigours of   hostile environments they were to operate within.

Ensure weight distribution is a key element.

Constant interface with client and end user.

Deliver approved designs to client along with all certifications.





Mobile Crane Transporter

Mobile Crane Transporter

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